About Janice

Living with horses, riding and training began as a dream, grew into a passion and then over the past years has become the life of Janice Bennett, and that passion has never diminished.

Janice has been riding and involved with horses her entire life. She raised and trained own her horses in the disciplines of barrel racing and cattle penning. She didn’t always believe in groundwork. She used to think that it was an activity that you used just for starting your horse. It was her most recent equine partner, Ozzy [Ratchetts Right On Cue] who led her to focus on groundwork and horsemanship skills.  Ozzy became blind in his left eye and Janice realized that she had to return to his initial training to regain his confidence.  Through the use of obstacles and rewarding the slightest of tries, they were able to overcome his anxiety of not being able to see his surroundings and her cues on his left side. They have developed a partnership built with trust. She continues to work with him with a goal to do obstacles at liberty.

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