• Slow equals fast

    In all of the years that I barrel raced or cattle penned, it was all about speed. That’s the sport that I enjoyed the most, because it was it was judged based on my abilities and time, the clock. It wasn’t based on how pretty I looked in the ring or how effectively I was riding my horse. It was…

  • 2019: Year in review

    I began setting goals for the 2019 year in late 2018. I had just wrapped up my 2018 clinics with Jim Anderson, when I knew that I wanted to work on team liberty as a goal for this year. I am not necessarily someone who formally writes down goals or makes “resolutions” at the start of a new year. But…

  • Love

    Love “They” say that ‘a horse is good for the soul.’ Are we good for theirs? ~Janice Bennett

  • Laugh

    Laugh “[Because] a negative is never an incentive to try.” ~Andrea Anderson

  • Listen

    Listen “The horse is the best teacher. You just have to listen!” ~Andrea Anderson

  • Focus

    Focus “You can’t have an influence over someone [something] you don’t have a relationship with.” ~Warwick Schiller