2019: Year in review

I began setting goals for the 2019 year in late 2018. I had just wrapped up my 2018 clinics with Jim Anderson, when I knew that I wanted to work on team liberty as a goal for this year.

I am not necessarily someone who formally writes down goals or makes “resolutions” at the start of a new year. But I do like to set intentions of what I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. I share these goals, intentions, with my closest friends once I start to get clear about what it will be. They then become my accountability partner, not that they have to do anything, but now I’ve verbalized it and have set my intentions to the universe.

I also spent the winter working on a course with Elsa Sinclair, Freedom Based Training, where I learned to really hone in on my focus and meditation with the horses. I can tell you that this was quite a lot more intense than I had anticipated. I have some ideas of how I will use this in next year’s goals – so stay tuned for that.

I put together the video below from a collection of pictures and video snippets of my year last year. I hope that you enjoy. ?

What were your goals last year? How did you do?

P.S. You will find links to those resources that I have used in my journey and highly recommend in the sidebar. ?